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To summarise, I’m a husband, father and dog owner. My wife suffers from mental health problems, most notably anxiety and depression but more recently this has included occasional psychosis and it’s aftereffects. You can read a little more on the About page.

At the moment I’m covering a mix of posts that focus mainly on Mental Health, Fatherhood, Work, the Dog, Me Time and Life in general. To be honest lots of the posts contain a mixture of all of them, which kind of makes sense as they are all my life. I’ve always had a bit of a thing with Lego to be honest, so I thought I’d incorporate that into the blog too.

All new posts appear on the Home Page, and you can select a category you want to look into more at the top of each page. All old posts are available so feel free to have a click around and look back at some of the old posts as some of them should set the scene about our lives a bit up to now.

10 Recent X One Liners

Now X’s speech is developing really fast we’re getting quite a few little one liners that I keep forgetting to write down. Here’s the best 10 that I can remember: Randomly when talking to R the dog “If you don’t stop that I’ll smack your arse”. We’re hoping he doesn’t take to saying that one …

Friend Visit

D, M, L, E, H eating

We had a great visit from some friends this weekend which made a really nice change. B and I both thought at the end of the day that we should do it more often, even though we were really quite knackered by the end. They are old friends of mine from University. D was on …

100 Facebook Likes!

Cubicle Work

It would seem that yesterday I managed to reach 100 Facebook followers! It’s really great that so many people want to hear all about our little household and what we’ve been up to. Thank you all for your support, I really do hope you get something out of reading. We’ve had a varied run over …

Bad Belly Emergency

Walking Home From School With Granny

After taking a few weeks off work in order to deal with B having a bit of a downturn, I’m currently on a “Phased Return” to work. This means I am only working mornings and am trying to get rest/downtime whenever I can. Fellow parents will appreciate that this is never really easy regardless of …

B’s Birthday Trip

Out at Frankie and Benny's

A few weeks ago was B’s birthday, I’d been quite worried about what to get her and was leaving it all up to the last minute to be honest. Usually I cheat and just overbuy at Christmas and keep something back, but I cocked that up this year and gave her everything I’d brought, which …