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Playing Megadrive

I remember as a kid thinking “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to play Sonic the Hedgehog all day!”. Now I have a 4 year old, who also likes to “play” sonic, I’m not all so sure I’d want that wish any more.

X: “Can I play Sonic please?”

Me: “Of course you can, are you going to play it properly?”

X: “Yes”

Please note, this is proper Sonic the Hedgehog and an original 90s megadrive (Okay, technically a MegaDrive2 for those who know the difference). So I get the cartridge out, plug it in, switch the TV to the right input, turn the volume down unwind the wire for the controller and hand it to X after clicking start.

Off he goes. It took him a while originally to get how it works, and what the idea of the game was but he can play it himself now… in theory. After a few minutes “Your go dad.”, which means he’s reached the end level boss of the first area. I dispatch him whilst saying “You really should do this yourself, you’ve only got to jump on his head.”. Controller back to X… ah no, blocked by X, “Dad, you do it. I die water”. Ah yes, “Chemical Plant” has water in it. To be honest, I know the drill by now. X won’t actually play by himself any more in this game, I’ll be doing it.

However, no sooner have I started moving but I’m then getting “advice” from X about how to play “That way”, “Wrong way”, “Get the ring”, “You missed rings”. So, that’s how the next chunk of the afternoon goes with me playing Sonic for my 4 year old master.  


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