B Cuddle Pyjamas

Sometimes, all the thoughts going through B’s brain get too much for her. This can make her upset, frustrated, angry or all of the above. 

Last night I was woken up shortly after falling asleep by B thrashing around in bed, I figured she was either frustrated with a thought she was dealing with, or I was about to have a rather nasty exorcist dream… there was no Tubular Bells playing eerily in the background, so I assumed the former.

I lay there for a bit as B went through a cycle of turning over, scratching, sighing and stamping her feet (Yes, in bed, you know what I mean! I realise they wouldn’t stamp on anything, other than potentially the dog, but she was, as ever, in the middle!). Eventually B got up and went down stairs, which I had a feeling she was going to do eventually.

I heard her turn on lights on the way to the bathroom (She can’t walk around the house in the dark) and then quite a bit of banging, sighing and general angry/frustrated grunting. She came out the bathroom, grunted again in the study, flicked on the downstairs light and headed down. I gave her a few minutes and then got out of bet to go and check on her (I never know if I’m just over reacting, what if she’s just frustrated at a tickley cough and is getting some water!).

I put trousers and a tee-shirt on and put my phone in my pocket just in case I needed to be dressed for anything if she was bad enough for external help. I wondered down and she’d heard me, she stood in the kitchen doorway in her pyjamas and asked me if I was okay. I said yes, but I thought I’m come down and see if she was alright.

B: “Oh, did I wake you.”

L: “Err, yes. Are you okay”.

B: “They’ve told me to count on you making me leave!”.

B Cuddle Pyjamas

I then spent the next 10 minutes convincing her that I had absolutely no plans to get rid of her. With her saying “What do you want me to do so I can stay?”. “Do you want me to cook more?”, “Do you want me to bake? I could make that toffee pie from the Tesco magazine”. All of which I simply replied that she didn’t need to do anything, “Just be B, I want you to stay with me.”. Okay, to be honest I did say she should bake the thing from the magazine, it did look good!

She calmed down quite quickly, and then said she wanted to go back to bed and snuggle. We wondered back up about 2:30 and got back into bed where we had a cuddle and she then seems to go back to sleep. I don’t mind that I had to get up, I don’t blame B at all for my disturbed sleep… but even so I think this’ll be one of the days where I have sugar in my tea and go hunting for cake!

Tea and Cake

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