Month: November 2018

Welcome to my Blog!

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To summarise, I’m a husband, father and dog owner. My wife suffers from mental health problems, most notably anxiety and depression but more recently this has included occasional psychosis and it’s aftereffects. You can read a little more on the About page.

At the moment I’m covering a mix of posts that focus mainly on Mental Health, Fatherhood, Work, the Dog, Me Time and Life in general. To be honest lots of the posts contain a mixture of all of them, which kind of makes sense as they are all my life. I’ve always had a bit of a thing with Lego to be honest, so I thought I’d incorporate that into the blog too.

All new posts appear on the Home Page, and you can select a category you want to look into more at the top of each page. All old posts are available so feel free to have a click around and look back at some of the old posts as some of them should set the scene about our lives a bit up to now.

A Cake Cache

Lego Cake Cache

Had a good B-ism this afternoon. We were sat checking through the news, Facebook, Twitter etc and B comes across a news article about Facebook. She started to read it out loud and said “Facebook bosses forced to hand over documents and cakes?”… which to be honest, if I was a business owner I would …

Almost Currytastrophe!

Lego Curry Delivery

Updated 14th December 2018 I’ve not been feeling all that great today to be honest. Nothing specific, just generally everything’s just been getting me down a bit, plus I’m tired, plus X has been playing up a bit. Before tea, B was trying to help figure out what we could eat and knew I was …