Lego X Taking Bed Apart

As we were putting X to bed the other night, after our standard hour long repetition of the following set of sentences: Have you done your teeth? Come on, in the bathroom for your teeth. Do you want mummy to help or daddy? Right into bed then. Do you want a story? Leave your light off.” we finally had X sorted and in his bed. 

He’d been in there a little while after lights out and then called B back in. Turns out he wanted a bit more water in his cup for overnight. I heard B shout “What are you doing to the side of your bed?” and then an “Ahhh, errrr, no! How have you managed to do that, don’t do that!”… it would seem he’s figured out how to start taking the large bolts out of his toddler bed and was working on one with great enthusiasm!  

I had visions of us going in one morning to him asleep on a big pile of parts of bed, and them progressing to suddenly find him taking apart everything else we own!

Looks like we’ll be investing in a proper single bed for him a little sooner than we’d been planning… and also we’ll be hiding screwdrivers!

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