Missing Pizza

R Dog Pizza Sofa

We ended up eating dinner early today after popping out to the shop over lunchtime to get a few bits (Which invariably turned into buying loads of things!)

We ended up with Bacon & Chicken Pizza, Mozzarella sticks, chicken strippers and Mac’n’Cheese bites… bit of a mini feast!

We convinced X to watch something other than Sonic Boom, I say convinced, but it was a “Nope, sorry Dude. We’ve been watching Sonic all day and we’re choosing now”. Cue much whinging and “Don’t like it” for anything else we suggested. We ended up with “The Secret Life Of Pets”, I’d not seen it before, it was alright to be honest, nothing to shout about but definitely entertaining. X was mesmerised by it, and kept asking “Where other dogs?”. However, on the flip side he didn’t really eat much of his pizza and nibbles.

We gave up eventually trying to get him to eat them because clearly he wasn’t hungry anymore. B had the plan on putting them all away and then bring them out and heating them through later on. 

The afternoon went on and we migrated upstairs, played with trains for a while (I got a new Lego Train… the Christmas One… did I mention that! Very exciting!), then we got B’s Christmas present of a pair of Laser Tag guns from last year out and had a “Battle” around the upstairs of the house. Once we were tired we wondered back down saying we’ll get something else to eat. Note: I of course mean B and I were tired… 4 years old don’t get tired doing things like that!

We got down stairs and B went to fetch X’s plate of food, then I got a call of:

“Where is his food?”

“No idea, weren’t you going to put it away for later”

“Yeah, I thought I did…”

Then I spotted the very, very clean plate on the sofa… I glanced at B as she’d seen it too, then we looked over at R who was looking particularly guilty… but also quite satisfied! 10 points for R for today!

X ended up having some flapjack, and we’re off now he’s just jumped out of the bath, to have some porridge. If we can catch the now naked and damp 4 year old running around shouting porridge at the top of his lungs!

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