Hell Ho Fuzzy Felt!

Lego X and B Fuzzy Felt

I was just sat watching a training video for work as I finished off the day (Related to concurrent collections if you’re interested) when I saw X out of the corner of my eye showing B his Fuzzy Felt box. I thought oh good, that’ll be quieter than him wanting to play “Games on mummy’s ‘puter”.

I refocused on the next part of the training video, then all I heard was B saying:

“Hell, Hell, Hell!”

Then X replying with “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

I’ve heard some strange things from B over the last couple of years, but I was sure she was fine 2 minutes ago! I was just trying to figure out what unbelievably bizarre conversation was going on between my wife and my 4 year old, when B finally carried on her side of the conversation with:

“P! P! P!”

Ah ha! Based on other conversations we’re having a lot of at the moment I was slowly figuring out what was going on. I then heard her calmly say:

“If you need us to help you with something you ask me or Daddy for ‘Help’, it’s ‘Help’ not ‘Hope’. It’s got a ‘L’. ‘Hope’ is a different word and is important, but not now.”

To which she got a reply from X of:

“Mummy, Ho, Ho, Hope me this please!”

We’ll get there!

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