Aspire Channel Swim 2018

Aspire Swim Lego

This year, like the previous 2 years, I will be taking part in the Aspire Channel Swim. This is a challenge to swim 22 miles in 12 weeks in order to raise awareness and money for people suffering from spinal cord injuries. You can see all the details on their website linked above where they outline what they do much more elegantly than I can.

Every year I have taken part in this, actually doing the 22 miles hasn’t really been the problem… it’s finding the time to get the pool in order to do actually do it! Given X and B, swimming before work, after work, or at weekends is pretty much impossible, which just leaves lunchtimes during work. We get 30 minutes for lunch… which just about gives me enough time to get to the pool, get changed, do no swimming, get changed back and just about make it back to work. Luckily work offer Flexi-Time, so actually I can take longer but I have to make up the time later and also take some time to eat something too.

This year I’m trying to do the challenge in just 10 sessions in the pool. It took me about 14 or 15 sessions last year. This will mean swimming 142 lengths (3.55km) in each visit, which is about 1 hours and 25 minutes of constant swimming. It’s a shame they haven’t put TV screens under the pool… I wonder if they’ll invent waterproof VR headsets! That sounds a lot of swimming, and it is, but it means I save on travel time and getting changed! So far this year I’ve manage to stick to the long swim sessions and have done 7 of the 10 I need to do, so just 3 more to go… in 2 weeks!

Yeah, I’m quite behind schedule! I’ve had quite a lot of stoppage this year, mainly due to illness, usually my own to be honest which is annoying. I’ve also missed days because of X being ill and off school as well as B needing me to be around. Also, for some reason “work people” go and book meetings at 1:30 in the afternoon! I mean really, anyone would think we’re supposed to be working and not swimming!

However, I’ve booked long lunches in my calendar for Tuesday and Thursday this week, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get 2 of them checked off without anyone booking me in a meeting! I’m just hoping there will be no emergencies, illnesses or pool closures over the next two weeks!

Please do check out the Aspire Channel Swim website to see what they are all about.

Update Jan 2018

I managed to finish! on the 26th November. I successfully achieved what I wanted and completed 10 sessions of 142 lengths. Not sure if I’ll got for 9 sessions next year… but I’ve got a while to think about it!

Aspire Swim Medal 2018

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