Dog Treat Cones For Christmas

Making up dog treats cones for Christmas

B wants to be able to do more to help out people and animals, it makes her feel better, as it does all of us. However, as she can’t get out and about she needs ways that she can do this from home that fit around her mental health issues. Giving a donation to charity is a great thing to do, but at the end of the day B has time to do something a bit more practical so it makes sense to try. A couple of weeks ago she saw that Broken Biscuits were appealing for people to make up cones of treats for dogs in rescue. We are both very much supporters of animals rescues and so that became our mission for last weekend. 

B ordered some treat cones online during the week and they’d already arrived by the time the weekend had come… we’d even managed to not let R chew them up as she does occasionally with things that come through the letter flap. We once had to explain to Blockbuster ( Remember them! ) that we’d not be posting our rented DVD’s back as one was destroyed and the other had a dog tooth shaped hole in it that I’m pretty sure even the most sophisticated of DVD players would struggle with! )

Saturday morning my Mum and Dad had already offered to have X to give us both a bit of a rest. He was going to be “helping” dig out a base for a greenhouse… in the way that 4 years old kids always “help”. So, we thought we’d go now when we could take a good look at the selection of treats in peace without having to chase after a small person shouting “Look at fish” and “New treat for R” every 3 seconds at the pet food shop.

So, we grab ourselves a trolley and set about thinking what things to put in.  The general gist is biscuits / treats, right, but they need to be light as we’re going to be posted potentially 30 bags of these things across the country. At this point my extensive training and background kick in, I’ve been preparing for a situation such as this for years…. with every pick & mix I’ve ever created at the cinema! “Don’t fill up with fizzy cola bottles they’re far too heavy. Chocolate raisins, don’t make me laugh. Foam Shrimps, Foam Bananas and Sherbet Flying Saucers, they’re where you want to focus your attention!”

We end up with several 3kg bags of biscuit shapes, gravy bones, markies, cheesy stars and various other things! B thought we’d have about £50 worth, I said I thought more like £30… £28! That’s actually pretty good, we did have quite a bit loads of stuff in the trolley. We pay for it all, then after having a quick nip around town doing some Christmas Shopping for X when we’ve got the chance we head for home.

So, the time comes to make up the cones. We set out the bags and boxes on the sofa like some kind of factory production line then prepared ourselves for an hour of trying different amounts of things in order to fill the cone well. We started off saying right “Lets try 5 of each thing and see what that looks like, then we can adjust it all afterwards until we get it right.”. So, 5 of each thing we brought go into a cone… and fills it perfectly! So, that was our “Specification”, 5 of each thing into the cone. X did a couple for us, R made sure that anything we dropped on the floor was taken care of! (Very selfless of you there R, well done!). We got to 25 of the 30 we’d planned and ran out of cheesy stars! Do we opt to simply make the last 5 different, nope, not in this house matey, they’ve all got to be the same or we just wont be comfortable with it at all! So what can we do!

At least we had X to “help” us when we’d got back to the shop! So, we buy more Cheesy stars and given we were barely half way through some of the other types of biscuits we decided to up the game somewhat and just go for 50 cones instead and that’s the number of cones in the pack anyway. So we load up on the other biscuits we were a bit low on and return home to finish bagging. We managed to get to 52 bags in the end with what we’ve brought! (The very last bag only actually had 4 stars in… but don’t tell anyone, and we compensated with an extra of another anyway and hopefully the dog who gets it won’t have OCD).

All that remains is to sort out some postage (Probably in some smaller boxes at I can barely lift the one they’re in at the moment) and they’ll be off to let a dog somewhere have a Christmas that’s a little bit better!  

Real World Dog Treats

You can find out more about Broken Biscuits via their FaceBook Page.



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