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Updated 14th December 2018

I’ve not been feeling all that great today to be honest. Nothing specific, just generally everything’s just been getting me down a bit, plus I’m tired, plus X has been playing up a bit. Before tea, B was trying to help figure out what we could eat and knew I was down so was trying to perk me up by thinking of things I would like… as ever this ended in us selecting to get a takeaway. (On a side note, I just can’t understand why I can’t lose weight… oh hang on!)

As I was dialling, B suddenly says “Are you sure you have enough cash?”. Me not having the right money ready in my hand when the takeaway arrives seems to be one of B’s fears. I say “Yeah, should be, can you go and check”, and she runs off to check the contents of my wallet. She comes back in when I’ve now finished ordering and says we have £25. We add up the list of curry and it comes to just over £23, I point out there is a couple of quid in change in the wallet so we should be good even if they’ve upped a couple of prices. 

We then do the wait for the takeaway… in our house this consists of R barking at even the slightest little noise several miles away, or having mad fits of barking if either of us so much as get up out of the chair! And yes, she does know when we are waiting for a takeaway, she sees us get menus out and then make a phone call and she knows exactly what is going on! Today we also shoved a little pizza on for X who would happily eat curry but last time it was a bit rich for him and I spent the night cleaning up sick and watching cartoons until the early hours!

The food finally gets here and I manage to get past a jumping, barking R to the door. 

“Hello mate. That’ll be £28.35 please.”

“Errr, I worked it out to be £23 something.”

“No, sorry, it says £28 here.” – looking at his bit of paper

“Rightio. Here you go, thank you.” – I say as I manage to find the last couple of quid in small coins. 

I then go straight back and check my numbers…. “I can accept being off by a bit, but I can’t see how I’d be off by a fiver!” I say to B as I start adding things up again at the same time as serving out. “No, definitely £23″… grumble grumble. We go through the “We could phone up”, “We could send the owner a nice Facebook message, he was really nice when we first phoned up after he’d taken over.” type conversation, but I’m still in my low mood so really can’t be bothered with it at this point so we just go and start eating. 

As ever it is really good tasty food, the naan bread has got smaller but that’s probably just the general economic climate (OR more likely they’re running out of the stuff you make them with!). We’re proper tucking in and we’ve done the “How’s yours?” “It’s really nice. What’s your sauce like?” and are now just busy stuffing our faces. Suddenly there is knock at the door, so I battle my way past a jumping, barking but confused R and I think “No way is that the delivery man again!”… 

It actually was! He was back with a fiver and some coins in his hand. “Sorry, the owner says you were over charged, he wanted to ring you, could I have your phone number.”. I thank him very much, give him my land line number and off he goes. 5 minutes later the owner of the Indian rings up to apologise for over charging, asks how our meal is and if we’ve got any other feedback. We tell him it’s all great, we thank him for putting the effort in to give us our money back and then I do mention that the naan breads are shrinking and we’ve had some tough lamb a few weeks ago. He was very happy to have someone give him some real feedback, I was happy to help him out and I was happy to get my £5 back. 

So, we went from “Having a go at him” in the kitchen for over charging and shrinking his naan breads to realising he was very sorry for any accidental overcharging and is welcome to constructive criticism. Perhaps we’ll rethink our “We won’t be using them again!” from the start of the evening, whoops!

Update : 15th December 2018

We tried the curry place again yesterday evening! We’d been out in the evening to a little Christmas Fayre so were really cold and hungry when we got back (Although we’d had a Waffle On a Stick each when we were there!) We figured it was a takeaway excuse and we thought curry would serve us well. 

We picked out dishes, made jokes about whether they would manage to get everything right this time and rang it through. It actually arrived in about 25 minutes, even thought they’d said about 40, so that was a pleasing start. Then we started lifting out the pots. Korma for B, couple of naan breads, more poppadoms than last time… then a pot with “Pas” written on it… hmm, Passanda, but I’d ordered Dopiaza. Oh dear!

Yep, they’d given me the wrong dish! Oh well, the name Passanda was familiar, B thought she’d heard it too, and it smelt okay. I plate it up with some rice and get settled with my naan and poppadoms and B sorts out hers and we start eating. 5 minutes later there is another knock on the door, I put my food where R wont be able to get it and get the door. ( R’s not a food thief generally, but a whole curry with poppadoms might be too much for her to resist). It’s the curry delivery person again, holding a bag that clearly only has one pot in it. “You got me a Passanda instead of a Dopiaza didn’t you?”. “Yes, I’m really sorry. Boss man says you can keep the Passanda and obviously wont be charged for it.”. “Err good, because I’ve started eating it.” I say laughing.

So, on the negative side I ate something I didn’t order and had to get up to answer the door. On the positive side it was actually really nice and I enjoyed it, and I’ve now got another whole pot of curry to eat tonight at no cost to me, Winner!

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