Jurassic Park is 25!

Lego Me Feeding A Baby Dinosaur

When B was away last week at her dads I did what I always do when she goes there and watched films in the evening that I know she won’t ever want to watch (To be fair I also talk to myself a lot when she’s not around, eat really badly and let the dog sleep on her side of the bed!). The films tend to be slightly scary sci-fi films but can drift to almost anything that Netflix or Amazon prime have floating around… especially if it’s free, I like free and it can make we watch some odd stuff!

This time round, I watched “Jurassic World : The Lost Kingdom”. I didn’t really know what to expect, general action, bit of suspense and some general humour. To be honest it was quite good, there were some good chase bits in it and some “Hide and it will go away” type bits. 

I did like some of the nods to the original such as: A door handle being slowly pulled down by a claw, and someone in a cupboard trying to pull down a door. Always a like a good nod to an original / classic. These ones however did get me thinking back to the original Jurassic Park. 

To be honest, I didn’t realise it was 25 years ago until I looked it up. Yes, it did make me feel bloody old! I knew it was early 90’s, but wasn’t sure the details and still can’t think of the early 90’s at 25 years ago. I remember it was 90’s because I do vaguely remember going off to see it. Me and my mate C.T. were planning to go and see it on our own, we would have been around 12. However, my Dad suddenly turned round during the day and asked if he could come with us. So, we ended up taking my dad with us to the Cinema… okay so he probably drove us, but he made it clear that he was going with us and not the other way around. I can’t actually remember my Dad ever going to the cinema at any other time, so it did stick in my mind. 

I mentioned this to my Dad the next day when they were trying to get me to eat something proper! He remembered going and then said “Wasn’t it with your mate nipper…” and the surname of the guy I went with. “Nipper”, Dad he’s 37! I wonder if I’ll be talking to X like that in 30 years!

I’ve still got C.T. on my Facebook, I wonder if he remembers taking my Dad to go and see Jurassic Park 25 years ago! ( Incidentally, C.T. was also a massive Lego lover as a kid!)

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