Lego Christmas Advent Calendar – 2018

Lego Christmas Present

I managed to get the Limited Edition Lego Present this year that you can see above, featuring ourselves obviously. 

This year I’ve also again got the Lego City Advent Calendar and I’ve decided to blog each day’s build on the evening of that day. I’m not sure if I’ll add them to this post, or do separate posts for each day, we’ll see what works best. Building Lego helps keeps me that little bit more together ( Pun intended ) so hopefully this’ll mitigate any “Oh crap I’ve not brought B any presents yet” stress!

I know some of you wont be overly interested in the Lego side, but I’m going to try and find something interesting / related to our lives to say about each thing that gets built… and considering I won’t know what it’s going to be, that could be amusing. 

December 1st
Lego Advent 1st 2018
Space Shuttle today, so we’ve all gone off to the moon… on my original Lego Space moon base plate!

When Star Wars Episode 7 came out at the Cinema. I’d not seen the previous 6. My mate at work organised a night out to see the first 12:05 showing and B and I thought it would be a good idea. Trouble is we then had to binge watch the first 6 before we went!

December 2nd
Lego X New Friend From Advent Calendar
X got a new friend from the Calendar today. Looks like he’s got spare money so he can probably afford to me 2 of whatever he’s after!

X has a thing about “pennies”. “Pennies” covers all type of coins and the collection in his Fire Engine money box (Brought for him by my Nan) now contains what was “My” 1p,2p and 5p collection from the jar in the bedroom!

December 3rd
Lego X in Red Car
X got a new toy car today. Don’t think he’ll be getting one that big for real!

I wrote B’s car off on the way home from our wedding by hitting a deer!

December 4th
Lego R Twin Advent
We got a twin of Lego R in the advent calendar today (although R isn’t really a husky).

Two of B’s sisters are twins, they are not identical but it did mean we were a little bit worried when B got pregnant just in case!

December 5th
Lego X on a Sled
Fun sled in there today, together with a bit of a snow jump! Perfect for X to earn a trip to A&E!

We don’t get much snow where we live, so when we do we all get a little bit over excited. We did actually get a good load last year and when we went out to play it in we found an abandoned, half broken, plastic sled… so we adopted it! Waste not – want not!

December 6th
X with a snowman
Snow man today. Who also came with a mug of hot chocolate… which X has actually made and school and seems to like.

X now insists on getting hot chocolate now when we pop out for breakfast on a weekend morning!

December 7th
B With New Friend With Shovel
We’ve received someone with a shovel today. I like to think she’s shovelling snow with it, and not burying someone… she does look quite cheery!

During the summer I started constantly keeping one of X’s plastic spades in the car. That way, when he randomly said he wanted to go onto the beach when we were driving past we were prepared… It’s still in there!

December 8th
X with a drone toy
Quite a modern one this. One of them new fangled drones for X to play with.

As a child I had a radio control car (A “Chipmonk”), one day it randomly jumped off the shelf and scared the crap out of me. Managed to figure out that a coin had touched the aerial. It would seem copper touching the aerial counted as a signal and it wasn’t possessed! 

December 9th
Street Light
A nice Victorian style lamp post with some holly on. Perfect for Lego B and Lego L to have a romantic walk.

When we were “dating” B and I never actually went on a date… except for once when already on holiday together in Spain we had a meal out together.

December 10th
Advent lego football
Some kine of football game together with a ball. Mummy can play it with X I’m not a football fan.

I don’t like professional football. I’m sorry, I just really can’t understand why someone would spend their time watching it. No, not even for “The world cup”.

December 11th
Lego train advent
A modern high speed passenger train toy. Makes a change from all the stream train toys and X would be more than happy with it.

I still have my original Lego train from when I was a kid. It had electrified rails and a massive control box that just had a “Fast / slow” dial on. All the modern ones (Which I now have 2 of) have battery powered trains and a remote control… but the rails all interconnect!

December 12th
Lego ice-cream machine
I really am a big fan of ice-cream, but I’m not sure how festive it is!

B does not like ice-cream, of any kind. X and I on the otherhand do have quite a thing for it!

December 13th
Lego Advent Ice-cream Girl
Girl with an ice-cream today. Which does tie in nicely with yesterday’s. Even though Ice-cream still not festive.

Much as Ice-cream isn’t festive. I still think someone walking down the road eating an ice-cream in December is acceptable, because eating ice-cream is always acceptable.

December 14th
Lego Advent Presents
A little set of Lego presents today, which I’m sure would keep Lego X happy.

I really do want Lego for Christmas (And Birthdays). For years B has been responding to people saying “What shall we get L this year” by saying “Just get him some Lego, I can tell you what he has” but people have always assumed she was kidding!

December 15th
Lego Advent Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree today. The classic! Nice touch to add a micro Lego man to the top though.

B and me have had the same Christmas tree all the time we’ve been together, this will be it’s 11th Christmas!

December 16th
Lego Advent Cake Cart
Cake cart today… it would seem Lego also think that Christmas is about the food.

B and I had 3 cakes on our wedding day… none of which were wedding cakes! One Starship Enterprise, one Dragon/Dinosaur and one castle!

December 17th
Lego Advent Biscuit Chef
Biscuit Chef today to continue the food theme. If I’m not mistaken we’ve got chocolate chip cookies and Jammie Dodgers, excellent!

When we’d just started going out, B tried to make me some biscuits to take away with me to visit relatives… she managed to follow a recipe for scones thinking it was a biscuit recipe and didn’t realise until they came out of the oven! They were actually really nice scones, and she also made some biscuits to make up for it too!

December 18th
Advent Off Road Car
I’m sure X would love an off road vehicle of some kind!

About 13 years ago, I went off road quad biking for my mate’s stag do… I was the one that came off and broke both my wrists! The bride was grateful it wasn’t the groom, and my mum got a free invite to the wedding as I needed someone to drive me there!

December 19th
Advent Radio Controlled Bikes
Radio controlled bikes. I’m sure both Lego X and Lego Me would love to race these around the room!

Don’t tell him, but X has actually got a radio controlled car for Christmas this year! I promise I’ll let him have more goes than me.

December 20th
Advent Crane
Some kind of crane / drilling / ground breaking machine today. Got spares of almost every brick with this one which was quite good.

When we were renovating our house when we first moved in, my dad did loads of work for us. One thing was taking a wall out to make the kitchen larger. He managed to let loads of rocks roll into the front of our shiny white fridge freezer which now has a series of dents in it. I wouldn’t mind but he was a general builder for 40 years so I’d of thought he’d see it coming.

December 21st
Advent Clock
X could actually do with a clock, so perhaps Lego X is happy to get one this year.

We have a backwards clock in our kitchen, so it runs counterclockwise and the numbers also go counterclockwise… it drives mine and B’s parents mad when they visit and they keep telling us to get a different one! I think it’s great!

December 22nd
Lego Advent Robot
Toy robot today… I’m sure Lego B would love to have a robot around the house, although she does love her new vacuum!

One of X’s first toys we got him for Christmas was a plastic beeping robot… yes, it was very annoying… it ended up living in the car!

December 23rd
Lego Advent Helicopter
Helicopter toy today. X does like to play with my “real” Lego helicopter, and he does actually own one himself.

When X was only just walking, we were out walking R and the air sea rescue helicopter flew over… X started dancing to the noise in the middle of the path.

December 24th
Lego Advent Santa
Classic Santa for the 24th. I’ve got three now, X was very impressed that we had some Lego Santas to play with

When we went to visit Father Christmas this year, we queued for ages and all X could think of when asked what he wanted was “Daddy knows”.

Well, that’s it for Lego Advent for another year… shame they don’t do a count down calendar for anything else really!


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