Month: December 2018

R Landed on Her Paws

R Lost in Woods

Before X was born, B and I lived about 3 hours away from our families where we live now. We were planning on driving down on Christmas Eve so we could spend Christmas with our families. We’d planned it all out and were planning on leaving early Christmas Eve morning, it would be Me, B …

Lego Firestation – 10263

Lego Fire Station 10263

Finally got around to building my Fire Station. The set includes the Fire Station itself plus the vintage looking firetruck, quite a large Christmas tree (Biggest I’ve had in a set), a bench and an ice-rink. All in all it’s a very nice looking set when it’s all done. Quite a good build too, love …

2 Months & 50 Posts

Lego Family

So, it’s been 2 months since I started this blog, and this is post number 50. I’m still enjoying writing, although some things are easier to write than others. I’m hoping that people are getting something out of reading the posts. The five posts that have had the most visits over the last 2 months …