B’s First School Run

Lego B and X First School Run

We had another milestone today to follow on from the one yesterday.

B managed her first walk in to take X to school on her own! She’s walked in together with me to take X into school most days since he started in September but has never managed it on her own. In fact, after 2 years of pre-school she only managed one trip in to pre-school when X was there. So, walking all the way in on her own with X to look after was a really big deal, and a really difficult thing for her to do, but she did it!

She has also already been getting up early in the morning to try and get more of the “getting him ready” sorted too, which has already been great. She said the night before that she was going to do the walk in on her own, which I was excited but nervous about as I knew she’d be nervous. She was a little anxious before she left, double checking she had all the right things etc, but that’s to be expected. We told X he had to hold mummy’s hand, be a good boy, and look after her on the way to school. I stayed around at home working instead of driving off to work (which is the final goal) so that B could ring me if she needed to.

X climbing on a rock

B said he was amazing, he held her hand over the roads, walked nicely along the tracks where there were no roads and waited nicely when she asked him to stop or wait. He did turn around a grin at her when pretending to climb a rock which is on the way to school that he always tries to climb on the way past, but did stop when B asked him to stop. 

So, all in all she said they had a really good walk in and is positive about doing it again, which is brilliant. 

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