Getting Decorating for Christmas All Wrong

Me and B picking paint colours

B wasn’t too good on Friday, she rang me at work at about 10:30 and I ended up going home because she needed some extra support. I’d just emailed the office to tell them about the sweets and biscuits I’d brought in for everyone, so sadly had to leave them there! ( When I did get back into work on Monday, I’d received three “Happy Birthday” emails from people who saw “biscuits” and didn’t read the rest of the email ).

By the time I’d driven home B had actually calmed down a little, but still needed a good talk to clear what was bothering her. Somehow, the conversation ended up with us re-decorating the living room! This was to included new paint, sofa covers, cushions, a large rug and lampshade. The trouble is, I tend to be a “Why wait if we can do it now” kind of person which is why we moved in together after about 3 months, and got engaged and married just over a year later. So, by the time we went to collect X after school we’d ordered the rug and the sofa covers and planned our outing the next day to get paint samples. B is really excited at the thought of having a brand new living room and she has said doing it all is a good project to give her something positive to focus on.

It’s now Thursday, we’ve managed to do the trip to get sample pots and tried them round the room. We only got 5, which for us is really quite good. We tried over 20 in our bedroom before we found one we actually liked! (And yes, I did suggest we simply paint the room using the sample pots.) I managed a return trip and grabbed the one we’d decided on on Monday morning. We went for “Macadamia” if you’re interested…. which is just paint talk for “Light brown”. We had to take loads of stickers off of one wall that X had been slowly adding to over the last couple of years. We’d lost the battle for “No stickers on the wall” ages ago and had decided instead that stickers were allowed on “That one” as it was already ruined anyway by then anyway!

We also had some interesting claw mark patterns on parts of the wall where R likes to look over and see who’s coming in the front door and get biscuits/fuss etc depending on who it is! We’re hoping that both children will try their best to not ruin our new paintwork… but we’ve already got some claw marks from when my Mum popped in earlier bringing X back! 

So, we’ve now brought the paint, the rug and sofa covers have arrived, the lampshade is up, we’ve pulled X’s stickers off the wall, filled in holes, sanded all the woodwork, and painted two evenings this week! Good job there is nothing else going on like Christmas! It’s a shame I’ve barely got any leave left at work otherwise we would’ve done it by now… but to be honest we’d be knackered. We’ve still got the difficult job of trying to do loads of white gloss painting with a dark haired dog and a 4 year old… answers on a postcard please!

We obviously had to take the Christmas decorations down in order to sort all this out, even though they’d only been up about 10 days. I knew we had to decorate for Christmas but completely redecorating a room does seem to take it a bit far! 

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