R Vet Visit & Catching Pee

Catching R Wee

R has been a little bit “off” lately, she’ll be fine some days but others she’ll be very anxious around the house. Also, she’ll get about 15 minutes into a walk and then wont want to go any further. Usually she loves going out for a walk, so we were worried she was in pain somewhere and just wasn’t telling us. So, I took her off to the vets the other day to get looked at.

She’s never actually bad at the vets, she’ll try and pull a bit towards other dogs, people, cats, and anything else in the waiting room but just because she wants to either know whats going on, or lick them! She actually decided to bark this time too, so “greeting” everyone coming into the waiting room, even if they were simply coming back in from a corridor. She even barked at a friend of ours she’s met before, I think she was quite surprised when she then got a bit of a fuss from him!

We ended up having to wait for about 45 minutes before we were seen as there was a dog before us who was slowing things down. He was 16 and although the vets and owners needed a blood sample to do some tests, it would seem he had other plans! Eventually they managed to get some out of him and him and his owners had come back into the waiting room so we only had one person in before us. R did her best to say hello to the “old gentleman”, but given she doesn’t really understand “Fragile” or “Calm” I didn’t let her get very close.

When we eventually got in to see the vet R behaved like she usually does when we are there. Lots of ignoring the vet, hiding behind my legs and specifically not taking any treats the vet might offer… basically being rude! After much prodding of R and me helping where I could the vet established she seems to be getting some pain in her back. She advised we give R some pain killers to see if that helps and then we can go from there afterwards.

However, it would seem that for dogs who are more than eight giving pain killers required a check of liver function… which would mean getting a urine sample! I smiled at this and the vet said “It could be worse she could be a cat”… clearly she doesn’t know R very well as anyone who’s seen her at home knows she can easily out jump / run / squirm like a cat if she wants to!

After we walk home I said to B that we were going to need to get a urine sample from R ready to take to the vet. B very helpfully then simply laughed at this idea! R usually goes outside for a pee after she eats her tea, so we hatched a plan and put shoes and equipment by the back door. B’s sister had helpfully suggested using a takeaway container as our “catching device” as we figured trying to catch a female dog peeing in a sample pot would be somewhat like trying to catch a fart in a colander!

So, as soon as R finished her tea, she started gesturing towards the door. B and I got our shoes on, put on R’s lead and opened the back door. To be honest, we did get a strange look from her as she was probably saying “I only need a pee!”. She’s been peeing a lot on the new decking lately because it would seem she doesn’t want to get her feet wet on the grass! But of course tonight she wanted to have a nice trot around before relieving herself. Finally she squats… and I’m there like a shot! Not to big myself up, but it was a great catching move and I managed to get quite a bit in our little pot. Then just to end in style I managed to poor it all into the sample pot, which filled up perfectly, without spilling a drop! Job Done and I felt adequately pleased with myself!

So, the sample is at the vet and we’re waiting to see if she’ll be allowed more painkillers. At the same time she’s taking a small dose to see if that makes her feel a little bit better. She was actually very happy today, giving B lots of cuddles and snuggling in bed in the morning.

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