Bad Belly Emergency

Walking Home From School With Granny

After taking a few weeks off work in order to deal with B having a bit of a downturn, I’m currently on a “Phased Return” to work. This means I am only working mornings and am trying to get rest/downtime whenever I can. Fellow parents will appreciate that this is never really easy regardless of what else is going on!

One day last week, B’s mum was going to visit to see her and help collect X from school. This meant that I was planning to take a trip into town when I’d finished work, mooch around the shops a bit and probably get an ice-cream or a cake somewhere… that was the plan! Yes, I realise I should know better than to actually make plans.

So, with the thought of cake and a quiet walk firmly in my mind, I sat in the car after finishing work, started the engine and began backing out. This was interrupted by the phone ringing and to be honest my phone doesn’t really ring all that much other than 3 things, especially when I’m at work.

  1. B calling for a chat.
  2. My dad calling (Usually a technical question about his computer).
  3. Really badly stitched together recordings of people who seem to know all about an accident I’ve never had, or a PPI claim I’m not making!

Number 3 I usually now deal with by simply hanging up. There was a hope in the past that I could shout some necessary rantings at this and someone would have to listen to all these responses at the end of the day and would come across my “contribution”.

Given that it was just after lunchtime, I figured this one was probably B wanting a chat so I pulled back into the space, switched off the engine and grabbed the phone. It wasn’t B, but it was a local number… it was the school… I always dread calls from the school. “X is at A&E”, “X has hit someone” “We’ve lost X”. None of these have actually happened to us… but there is always a first time! We’ve only had two phone calls from the school, the first one was them letting us know he’d bashed his head just in case he got ill later that evening. Mind you, anyone who has a child who can climb around as much as X is probably constantly on “Head injury watch”!

This was the second phone call.

“Hi, is that X’s Dad? This is K ringing from reception at his school”

“Hi, yes it is.”

“I’m just ringing to let you know that X has had a rather bad stomach and will need to be collected. We’ve managed to find him a change of clothes as it was all over his belly and clothes”

“Ah right. Err, is he OK in himself?”

“Oh, I don’t know, hang on”.. long pause.. “Yes, he’s fine to walk home with one of you if you’d like to come get him”

So, I explained we’d come and get him at some point and she went through we’d have to go to reception etc. to grab him.

“Bugger” I thought, “That’s probably the end of the ice-cream plan then.”

I went to ring B to see if she would be happy to go with her mum to get him early. I rang the home phone, but there was no answer. Ah, typical, because her mum is there they’ve managed to get out and take R for a walk. I tried B’s mobile but I knew that it would simply be sat on the table in the kitchen and B never bothers taking it out. Finally, I figured I’d ring her mum’s mobile in the home that she’d taken it out on the walk. She had indeed, although she was a bit confused as to why I would be ringing her to be honest. I spoke to B and explained what had happened. She said that as her mum was there they would take the dog home and then walk round and get X from school. This is quite a big thing for B to do to be honest. It would mean her ringing the buzzer to get into reception then speaking to them to say who she was and that she was there to collect X. I was really impressed that she’d offered to do it. She did ask me to come home sooner rather than later though as we both know she’s not really good at dealing with sick! I’m really not bothered by it, we often refer back to her pregnancy when I would be cleaning up morning sickness with one hand whilst still holding my cereal with the other.

I was off the hook, so went into town and started having a quick walk. I got a message from B when I was out saying he hadn’t actually been sick so I didn’t need to go home quite as quickly. This was nice as I hadn’t actually got round to having ice-cream or a cake yet so was able to go off and have a cream tea on the way back.

Cream Tea

It turns out that he’s actually have a massive explosive session of diarrhoea! We wen’t even sure initially if this was in the middle of the classroom, or in the toilet and X wasn’t overly informative about it other than saying that he’d tried to get the teachers attention, but that hadn’t worked. It turns out he had asked the teacher and had made it to the toilet it was just too much too fast! We were told that it ended up all over him, all over his pants (Which had to be thrown away), all over his trousers and all over most of the toilet he used! B and her mum walked him home in some borrowed trousers and pants and gave him a bath. It’s a good job it was poo to be honest, as I think if it had been sick I would’ve had to drive back and sort him out myself… B would’ve been tempted to just give him something to play with in the bath and left him there.

On the positive side, that was all we saw of his poorly belly and school said he could go back the next day. I was actually really nervous that he’d have to be off school for 48 hours and also that he wouldn’t be able to go to my parents the following day at all that that just 1 day into my phased return to work I would’ve had to take time off… I’m not even sure how that would work, and I’m sure it would cause a problem with work’s electronic time keeping system!


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