Kids Party Spotters Guide

Surviving a kids party can be hard! We went for another one at the weekend. I’m sure when I was a kid we’d just be dropped off and then picked up hours later as the host parents were just about ready to completely lose it! But as a parent of a 5 year old now, it seems that most of are staying. I’ve written before about X’s exploits at a Friends Party.

Now we’ve come up with a fun game you can play whilst attending a kids party. Try and spot these things, one point for each:

  1. Child hogging balloons
  2. Child crying for no reason
  3. Near misses for A&E trips
  4. Older sibling who clearly would rather be elsewhere
  5. Older sibling loving the fact they can eat jelly and play on a bouncy castle
  6. Parent using their ‘quiet’ shouting/threatening voice!
  7. Child who wont leave their parents
  8. Random screaming child
  9. ‘Slow passing’ during pass the parcel
  10. Full on tantrum
  11. Kid ‘trying’ to pour juice from a huge jug
  12. Adults desperately trying to find a child NOT moving during musical statues
  13. Child getting lippy with the entertainer
  14. Parent’s hoovering up leftover food
  15. Parent of Birthday child ‘encouraging’ them to thank, or even acknowledge, a newcomer clutching a present
Lego Kids Party

I can honestly say that we’ve done most of the parent ones listed, and X has done quite a few, most notably the balloon hog! He was one of the children who wouldn’t leave our side a year ago but since starting school he only comes to check on us every so often!

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