Lego Me

I thought I better explain what this blog is all about, and why I decided to begin writing it. 

I’m a mid thirties husband to my wife B, father to my son X, and dog owner to R. Being a father can be really hard at the best of times, being a husband is a little easier… However, my role as a husband and father is slightly unusual as I’m also officially referred to as my wife’s carer.

B suffers from chronic fatigue and mental health problems and has done since I met her. Most notably these are anxiety and depression but more recently have also included occasional psychosis and it’s aftereffects. This means I often have to do extra ‘parent things’ while also making sure she is okay and able to cope with life. Oh, and I’ve also got a full time job which does make things a little bit difficult to juggle at times.

I created this blog as I was in a period where I was struggling to hold it all together and between B and I we decided I needed something that was both creative and “me”. She asked if I’d ever considered writing about all the things I am juggling and it all started from there.

At the moment I’m covering a mix of posts that focus mainly on Mental Health, Fatherhood, Work, the Dog, Me Time and Life in general. To be honest lots of the posts contain a mixture of all of them, which kind of makes sense as they are all my life. I’ve always had a bit of a thing with Lego to be honest, so I thought I’d incorporate that into the blog too. Some of the things I write about are quite serious but I tend to use humour in order to deal with it myself, so you’ll see that in the posts too.

All new posts appear on the Home Page, and you can select a category you want to look into more at the top of each page. All old posts are available so feel free to have a click around and look back at some of the old posts as some of them should set the scene about our lives a bit up to now.

I hope you enjoy reading, I have tried to keep it as light as I can. If you are a carer, know someone suffering from mental health problems or are suffering yourself I hope you find it useful to read about someone else’s experiences. 

Lego Family