A Cake Cache

Lego Cake Cache

Had a good B-ism this afternoon. We were sat checking through the news, Facebook, Twitter etc and B comes across a news article about Facebook. She started to read it out loud and said “Facebook bosses forced to hand over documents and cakes?”… which to be honest, if I was a business owner I would …

Spatial – B’ism

B Spatial Spatula

B and I were sat talking a while ago about strengths that people might have, probably referring to X’s development and how babies learn ( We were new parents, and this seems to be a thing we do even if we have no knowledge in the area whatsoever ). We mentioned numbers and language etc. …

That Boat Has Floated

B in a Boat

I am a husband, strange as it sounds this comes as quite shock when you sit and think after you’re married. I love my wife to bit’s! You’ll hear a lot about our adventures in my blog posts. Occasionally, she’ll get her thoughts a bit muddled about a phrase, or saying or pronunciation of a …