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Almost Currytastrophe!

Lego Curry Delivery

Updated 14th December 2018 I’ve not been feeling all that great today to be honest. Nothing specific, just generally everything’s just been getting me down a bit, plus I’m tired, plus X has been playing up a bit. Before tea, B was trying to help figure out what we could eat and knew I was …

Missing Pizza

R Dog Pizza Sofa

We ended up eating dinner early today after popping out to the shop over lunchtime to get a few bits (Which invariably turned into buying loads of things!) We ended up with Bacon & Chicken Pizza, Mozzarella sticks, chicken strippers and Mac’n’Cheese bites… bit of a mini feast! We convinced X to watch something other …

Meeting B

Eating Pizza at Uni

B and I originally met at university, we weren’t on same course and neither of us really went out to pubs or clubs as neither of us drink, so it wasn’t a traditionally “met at uni”. It was lucky that we crossed paths at all to be honest. I was living in one of two …