Fish & Chips Almost on the Beach

Fish and Chips of Weymouth Seafront

I’m currently working through a phased return to my job. Much as that might sound like a somewhere unsuccessful transporter trip in a Star Trek film it actually refers to the tail end of my sick leave from work. It basically means I currently only have to go in for half days, then I’ll go back to full time at some point later. I actually thought it was going to end half days and go back to full time next week, but after chatting to my line manager it would seem that gradually building it up would be better than suddenly jumping back in. Either way, I’ve been trying to actually make use of my afternoons off to go and and chill by myself, but also to go out and about with B. This is nice for me as we get to spend time together, nice for her for the same reason, but also good for both of us as we don’t just sit around at home. The one thing I haven’t done is start going swimming again, which is a shame because I really should be doing some more exercise… I’ll do some soon, honest.

We’ve managed a couple of trips out for meals during my leave, which B has really enjoyed despite often feeling overwhelmed by going out and about. We decided to go out again the other afternoon but couldn’t decide where to go. We figured although we really love the pie place, it had only been a week so we should try and find somewhere else. We didn’t want to be recognised quite yet as regulars! So, we thought we’d give the local Wetherspoons a go again as B liked it last time we went, as did I. We had a walk along the seafront to build up our appetite and to try and let the numbers go down a bit as it was around lunchtime. We stopped off at the amusements on the way to waste some more time and put some money into the 2p-pushers. 2p pushers is about as high stakes gambling as we both get to be honest! When we did circle back round and get to Wetherspoons it was obvious that they were still really busy, I looked at B and we decided to not bother as there were just too many people.

So, we decided between us that we’d get fish and chips and sit on the beach as we’d driven to Weymouth anyway. We knew there weren’t many open places where we’d just walked, so headed in the other direction as we knew there was one there somewhere on the corner. As we got there a group of about 10 people we’re hanging around the door obviously about to go in. I steered B on a walk right past them who then told me I’d missed the door! I said “Yes, I have, but I know that big group are about to go in”, as I said then they all went into the little shop and took up almost all the space. So, B and I waited outside until a few of them had come out once they’d decided what to order.

I ordered fish and chips for both of us and pea ball for me (A proper one, with mint in it! Can I be a connoisseur of pea balls?). When we were waiting we stocked up on all the essentials: Sachet of tomato sauce, napkins and three little wooden forks. We went outside with our haul after decided a carrier bag was actually a good idea and went to find a bench. B said then that she wanted somewhere that wasn’t right next to the road and that didn’t have many people around it. Even though we’re way out of season there were still quite a few people around so this actually proved quite difficult. We ended up on a concrete bench not from from the jubilee clock on the seafront. We started to unpack our goodies and I said to B she’d need to watch out for the seagulls as they’ll proper swoop in and try and nick your food. We’ve lived near Weymouth for about 6 years now, and B’s never actually eaten on the seafront, probably because generally when the weather is nice enough to do so, there are too many holiday makers around the place. (Or ‘Grockles’ to give them their proper local name).

Before I’d even got to start eating B said she wasn’t happy with where we were sat. It was the sort of bench where people could’ve come and sat directly behind us, and she was worried that would happen. So, we packaged our chips up again, loaded them back into our handy carrier bag and started scurrying back to the car. I’ve got to be honest, I was quite worried about my fish, chips and ‘proper’ pea ball getting cold! It was starting to look like it was about to chuck it down with rain as well by this point, so I was glad we’d decided to make a move when we did. We got back to the car and drove off to a hill that looks out over the sea where we then sat and enjoyed our lunch. Just as we were about to start, B managed to drop her little wooden fork into one of those places in a car where you can drop things in, but can’t actually get anything out! However, that would be why I’d picked up three wooden forks for just two of us as these kinds of things happen! To the credit of the fish and chip place (And most nowadays) they had used cardboard containers instead of the polystyrene that has been used by takeaways since I can remember. This is great for the environment, but did mean that after our scurry from the beach the condensation has somewhat affected the structural integrity of said cardboard containers! However, B was the most greatly affected by this and coped by simply eating fairly fast and performing a complex “flip” operation midway through to use the lid of the container to finish off.

Overall, we both enjoyed our fish’n’chip lunch near the sea and as I’m still on ‘phased return’ we may well do it again sooner rather than later!

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