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Lego B and C on sofa

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone who has contacted us over the last few months to show their support and understanding of what is and has been going on with us, some of whom even shared their experiences with us. 

A few weeks ago I wrote a post entitled: Making Friends With Anxiety. Just as an update to this, B went out for a couple of hours this afternoon to go and see a friend! This is the first time in about two and half years that B has gone out of the house with someone other than me or one of her parents. She was very nervous, but she knows her friend is really nice so wasn’t too bad.

Her friend (C) came and picked her up and took her off to her house as it’s little too far to walk ( Thanks ). They didn’t want to stay at ours because C’s youngest child isn’t very comfortable around R, and as we’ve mentioned she can be a little bit over friendly at times! 

B had a great time, and from the sounds of things so did C. They are going to make sure they get together again soon!


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