Almost Currytastrophe!

Lego Curry Delivery

Updated 14th December 2018 I’ve not been feeling all that great today to be honest. Nothing specific, just generally everything’s just been getting me down a bit, plus I’m tired, plus X has been playing up a bit. Before tea, B was trying to help figure out what we could eat and knew I was …

Hell Ho Fuzzy Felt!

Lego X and B Fuzzy Felt

I was just sat watching a training video for work as I finished off the day (Related to concurrent collections if you’re interested) when I saw X out of the corner of my eye showing B his Fuzzy Felt box. I thought oh good, that’ll be quieter than him wanting to play “Games on mummy’s …


Lego X Taking Bed Apart

As we were putting X to bed the other night, after our standard hour long repetition of the following set of sentences: Have you done your teeth? Come on, in the bathroom for your teeth. Do you want mummy to help or daddy? Right into bed then. Do you want a story? Leave your light …